Friday, January 9, 2015

Image Inspiration

Image Inspiration is a new series where I share images found all over the web.  Sometimes they are images that inspire me to make the craft shown, maybe something in home decor that inspired me to make a change in my own home and other times it may just be something I found beautiful and wanted to share with you.  A lot of time I will print out images for my journal and write down what about the picture inspired me.  I have a whole lot of fun doing that!  And here's where my sharing it begins!

Photo and craft credit:    

I am always looking for new ways to decorate the day care for different holidays and months.  Since it is so early in January and I have plenty of felt pieces on hand, I believe I have plenty of time to create some heart garland strands... if my sewing machine will act right!  I spent this afternoon at the day care cutting out my hearts from felt.  I wound up getting 12 and sometimes 13 out of one sheet of felt.  I used red, hot pink, light pink and white.  Now to the sewing machine when I get home.  Then all I need is a red string of lights and I am ready to decorate the DC for February!

Lake Cottage Bedroom
bedroom at our lake cottage… by rose hip… on Flickr.
Photo credit: ROSE HIP on Flickr, found on nestprettythings.tumblr                         

I stopped and googled at this picture for a minute then swiped it for my journal.  I love the yellows in the picture above the bed.  I also like the washed out wood walls, the hobnail bed side lamps and the array of pillows.  I want to make pillows from all the vintage fabric that I have.  Probably needed to be on my goals list.  

Meal Planning List

Credit: Liz at

I love this idea!  I would like to order one pad of these please.  I am a big list maker (although I vowed when I turned 40 to stop making lists... didn't happen).  This one you can take right to the grocery with you and when you get home it goes on the fridge so everyone knows what's for supper!  I went through a meal planning phase where I planned ahead for a month.  I really enjoyed not having to worry about what to make when I got home from work.  It was already planned out and the ingredients were all there.  Maybe I need to start that up again now that I think about it.  This list would help tremendously!  It has a free printable too.  Or you can copy and paste it into Word or whatever, turn it and get two on a page.  I do wonder why the list has only four days.  I generally cook all seven days... most of the time all three meals.  I need a notebook!

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