Friday, January 23, 2015

Image Inspiration

Image Inspiration is a series and collection of good stuff I've found and have tried or want to try.  Also, most of the items are pictures I have printed and cut out for my journal for future use.  This series will also help me remember where I saw certain creations and interiors.  It's just a whole lot of good stuff and I am really enjoying sharing what I find with you!

DIY Cereal Box Gift Tags - Offbeat & Inspired
Photo and creative credit: Tiffany at

Ok, this totally sounds like something I would have eventually come up with!  I am all about finding alternative uses for cereal boxes and you know I am seriously into mod podge!  Although I am totally jealous of her tag paper punch I had already thought of using a ruler and cutting them out before I saw it.  This is so precious and easy to do and handy to have the gift tags on hand!

Photo and creation credit: thewishfultinker                              

The more I look at this the more brilliant I think it is.  It is the perfect, compact, little organizer for a desk that is easy and cheap to make... seriously!  I can see where I would over stuff this thing.  But it would be super neat for thank you cards or birthday cards or even a notepad by the phone or maybe the chair that you sit in the most cause I feel house phones are a thing of the past for some!  So cute!

Apple Pear & Brandy Cider | Eva Kosmas Flores
Photo and Inspiration credit: Eva from                               

Now here's a bird of a different color... literally.  I was drawn to this blog by a recipe, because of course, it is a food blog.  While the Autumn Brittle recipe is what brought me there, as I hit the home option, the pictures are what kept me there.  Honestly, as a blogger and picture taker I get discouraged by my indoor photography.  I see all of these perfect food and preparation pictures and it leads me to not want to take pictures sometimes because mine do not look like theirs and I cannot grasp how they make it look so good.  I don't have good lighting, my hands aren't steady enough... and there I go breaking a new year goal of not comparing myself to other bloggers!  Inspiration at hand.... these pictures (while they are still much nicer than my own) aren't so light.  They have just enough light and somehow beautifully dark at the same time while you can still focus on each item.  They remind me of something vintage and UK-ish.  I love them all.  It also gives me a different point of view that doesn't need a light box or bright sunshine streaming through the window.  Thank you Eva!!

Happy Birthday Mary Evelyn!!!

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