Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Paper Snowflakes

Since it's about to be frigid outside and since it's January and since I haven't finished decorating for winter at the day care I thought I would make up a batch of paper snowflakes to hang from the ceiling.  I've truthfully never been good at it.  I know you're supposed to fold paper somehow and cut out shapes.  But mine have always come out square with no points at all.  So I looked up an easy folding and cutting template and now... look out!  I can't stop making them!  I've made eight today and have the paper cut out to make three more.  You would think I would let the kids in on the fun, and I might.  Honestly, most of them are pretty good with scissors.  But with all the folding and thickness of the paper I am having to use my good kitchen scissors with these.  Maybe we'll come up with an easier fold for them to be able to use their own preschool scissors.  They are pretty excited and impressed with Mrs. Laurie's snowflakes so far.  So they should be pretty pumped when it's their turn.  

Here is the folding template that I am using.

Photo credit: kinderart.com                          

And you do need to begin with a square piece of paper.  I simply cut two and a half inches off of a regular sheet of copy paper.  We will always use the scrap around here.

Next I just looked up templates on yahoo images and found the rest.  This is so much fun!!

I honestly don't know what I would do without nap time!  It is normally when I get the most done!

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