Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Sunny Saturday in February

Last Saturday, apart from being slightly breezy, was a beautiful day.  The forecast was sixty degrees and sunny and that it was.  The perfect day to use the clothesline... for towels.  I don't like my bed sheets abused by strong breezes.  They run a greater risk of being blown off the line especially with as gusty at the wind turned out to be.  The towels didn't seem to mind and it really helped cut down on drying time!  

I have decided to start using cloth napkins.  Mainly because I am so spoiled to store bought throw-aways.  I feel attached to my ways in the napkin and paper towel department and find myself having to buy them too often.  I own perfectly good cloth napkins that do not get used and washed and just lie in a drawer ignored of their usefulness.  So I dug them out and washed them, hanging them on the line to dry. 


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