Thursday, February 12, 2015

DC Decor

After cutting out and stitching my felt heart garland for February I had a thought for March.  Clovers, of course, came to mind but also gold coins, pots of gold and leprechaun boots.  I got busy goodling (that's one of my Mom's words... like when you goodle around in your purse to find your keys) through my felt stash for green felt.  I found I had just enough for one whole garland and some to add to the second garland.  I really love these and like the fact that despite being precious I can use them year after year.  My thoughts have already wandered towards April and Easter... I'm way ahead of you!

This is my day care journal where I store ideas and templates.  I make little pockets taped to pages for my cut outs.

I always seem to make too much glitter glue.  I can't wait until summer to see these beauties sparkling in the sunshine on the day care clothesline.

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