Friday, February 27, 2015

lovin right now

AAAAHHHH Loving right now.  As I type at my kitchen table that my Granddaddy built for me, all I have to do to see what I am lovin right now is look towards my right into my kitchen.  

I bought a new skillet the other day.  I am one gal who can flat wear out a skillet in a matter of months.  Mom says it may be because of cooking at too high a temperature :) or maybe it's just because I use them every single morning and clean them afterwards.  I have always had Teflon skillets and I'm pretty sure we digested some Teflon before I got rid of my last ones!  Shaun and I were in the skillet aisle at WalMart and he pointed out the ceramic ones.  I read about one or two and decided to give one a whirl.  So far I adore it!  Nothing has stuck.  I've made sausage, bacon, gravy, browned deer meat. It's actually 12 inches and I have browned sausage and fried eggs at the same time!  If you are in the market for a new skillet yourself, I absolutely urge you to give a ceramic one a try.

Ah my rye bread, seeded.  I love caraway seeds and actually am going to grow some on the herb wall this summer.  When I bake my own bread using caraway it transforms the smell and feel of my home in a beautiful way.  I really like having Pepperidge Farms Jewish Rye on hand too.  I like it plain (and by plain I mean I stand at the counter and eat a piece with nothing on it!) or toasted with lettuces and tuna salad or toasted and used for sopping up tomato sauce.  

I am utterly hooked on avocados right now.  Just plain old, peeled and sliced avocado.  And they are so good for you too.  I made a black bean soup last Monday and had diced avocado on the side.  YUM!

True story.... Saturday morning I did about 40 minutes worth of yoga and then felt the urge to take it to the treadmill in the basement for a gentle walk.  Between practices and during my walk all I could think about were these chips.  Devil on the left shoulder saying "Laurie.... some of those jalapeno chips would sure be good right now".  the whole time.  So.. what did I do as soon as my workout was over?  Finished off the open bag of chips.  Yeah... I'm really gonna last through the 108 day yoga program... NOT!  I am too weak.  Especially with a bag of these chips around.  The label says that they are "HOT!" but I have a soft spot when it comes to hot and these don't rate real high on my hot rating.  Addictive rating... now that's a different story!

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