Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I have a vintage camera strap that I bought at a yard sale in Inglewood a couple of years back.  I hated paying two dollars for it at the time.  The guy having the sale didn't want to dicker with his prices yet nothing was priced.  But I liked the strap so I bought it.  It has a velvet kind of inner lining, the part that touches your neck, that keeps it from moving around much when I wear it.  The lining has torn twice and I have repaired it by sewing fabric on top of it.  I also built it another connector from strap to latch when it broke.  The lining has since torn in another place and has needed mending again.  So Saturday I played around in my sewing room and made it a whole new lining.  I love fixing things instead of running out and buying a new one.  It just makes more sense and gives it more of a "me" quality and personality.

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