Monday, March 2, 2015

Around Here

Being snowed in can be fun.  Only because it doesn't happen very often.  In my three years at the day care on our farm this was the first time I didn't have kids because of snow.  Two days in a row at that.  I wound up having eight days around the house with the only time we left was in a four wheel drive and it was either to play in the snow or get groceries, car parts or things for other people.  But it did, however, leave time to get some things done.  Like.. Black Rose is up and running finally!!! I made lots of recipes and got to spend lots of time with Shaun.  Yay!

Making biscuits on a Sunday using my Grandmother's biscuit cutter can.

 Frying bacon in my new skillet retrieved on one of our outings.

An Ice island on the pond by our house.

Katie Bug oddly decided to sit still for a few shots but wouldn't look at me.  Funny girl.

 Grandmother's watering can.

 All she needs is the top back on and my goal for March of recovering the seats.

 Last Thursday morning's snow on top of the ice and snow already there.

It's pretty when it sticks to everything.

On cedar trees.

On Basil.

On lavender.

On fences and roofs. 

And on swing sets.  As you can see there was quite the fog around here that morning too.

On door pulls.

Night lights.


Oh and you know every kid coming in or out my door has to kick through the piles!  This morning's snow was powdery enough to sweep it off the existing path. 

It may not be a big deal there, but it's what's happening... around here.

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