Monday, March 23, 2015

Around Here

Finally!!!! Spring is in the air and all around.  We had two back-to-back beautiful days this week with temps in the sixties and low seventies.  The kids and I played outside most of the day and even had lunch outside on the porch.  The second nice day was pretty windy... perfect kite flying weather!  And I just so happened to have a kite that was in a box that someone donated to us a while back and truthfully I had forgotten about it until this day.  Everyone got a turn at flying it but I was the one who retained interest in it.  I bet it's been sixteen years or more since I had flown a kite and I found myself quite good at it and enjoying the heck out of it.  I also started some seeds this week that are in their incubator as I type.  I always have the downed thought of doing it wrong and none of them coming up.  Especially plants that are new to me.  I think it helps to feel that way because when they do pop their heads up I am most proud of my efforts.  And if they don't I can always try again.  

You just can't keep these chives down!  This is their third year. 

The tips of my lavender are greening up.  I think this is a good sign.

Our little maple tree at the day care is doing it's thing!

I have regulars at the pond next door, this pair and a set of three.  I have been seeing V's flying over head on the way to work all week.

Day Care play ground.


Happy Birthday to Mom and sister Tracy!!!

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