Monday, March 9, 2015

Around Here

Around here... winter has been showing up quite frequently.  Hopefully this will be the last of the snow pictures to share until next winter!  I am ready for spring although I haven't started any seeds yet, which I cannot believe.  I am usually tipsy with crazy right now sprouting plants left and right.  It will come.  Last Thursday I had no kids at the day care because of snow and on Saturday it was fifty seven degrees.  Crazy Tennessee weather.  Shaun took me for a ride Thursday through the woods to check out the snow down there and it was beautiful.  Today I thought I heard thunder under a clear sky when it was only four inches of snow sliding off the back roof.  Please enjoy my shots.


 I CANNOT keep these floors clean with weather like this!  UGH

 Tommy could care less either way.

 Granola bars for my sweets for the week.

We got around five inches over night with this snow.  Most we've seen in some time.

The fire pit at the camp in the fork of the creek.

And then, Friday morning as I was looking out the back door, I spied a doe laying down right inside the tree line behind our house and back yard.  At first I didn't see the others until Shaun pointed them out.  Even on a bed of white the deer can be hard to see.  They were spread out through the back hollar only one of them standing and stretching off the night.  

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