Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Image Inspiration

Lately, my crafting inspiration comes in the form of Spring.  After all the snow it seems our April rains have come early.  Unless they will continue long into April.  But everywhere there are signs and even smells of Spring with buttercup and tulip pedals popping above ground for some air and light and certain trees anxious to bud putting a springy scent into the air.  But with the rains we are still stuck inside so what more to do than craft our tributes to the coming months!

Cascading Paper Flower Garland
This wonderful project from also comes with a tutorial and downloadable pdf of the flowers.  How wonderful!  I have made some in yellow and strung them from the ceiling.  I plan to find a branch once the weather allows.

A click on the title of this project takes you to  The image that actually inspired was found on a blog that I like called  I was browsing her blog when I spotted the beautiful green egg in the above picture.  I also like the band of glitter around the pink egg.  An email from my sister Marty about a different post from twosisterscrafting led me to their tutorial of making the eggs.  Yesterday, before the tutorial, I tried my hand at making the eggs myself by mixing fine glitter in with mod podge then painting the eggs.  The plastic didn't want to allow for good coverage with one swipe and two barely did the trick.  I may try their version with the second round but am hesitant that some glitter will fall off which I don't want.  We'll see! 

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