Friday, March 27, 2015

Lovin Right Now

I have a few favorites that I am "Lovin Right Now."  I am sure they will change soon enough as most things do.  But currently this is what I'm into.

Downton Abby season 2.  I didn't start watching Downton until the televised season was on season five.  Much like other TV shows I get hooked on.  So I rented season one from the library and borrowed the rest from my Mom.  Shaun and I began watching season 2 on Sunday night and I already have plans in my head to watch an episode each night this week if I can.  I'm hooked... just like everybody said I would be!

I am absolutely hooked on the refreshing and clean scent of doTerra lemongrass.  I like to add a couple of drops to my nice hot baths.  Among many uses, lemongrass oil is used for toning skin and soothing muscles.  Perfect for bathing!

Most of the time I read before bed.  It has to be a really good book for me to read during the day.  And a REALLY good book for me to take it to the day care to read every chance I get.  The first novel of this series, that my sister Marty introduced me to as well as loaned me the books, proved to be a very easy and fast read and kept me interested enough to finish it in three days.  I am on the second book in the series now and am quite enjoying it so far too!

This one I'm not so proud of.  I really try to eat healthy and my sudden addiction to Doritos I am borderline ashamed of.  They simply can't be good for you.  So then why are they so hard to put down?  I've even ditched my jalapeno chips for them... momentarily.  I only bought a bag for the kids at the day care to have with their sandwiches sometimes and as a treat but guess who wanted a quick snack one day and spied the nacho cheese bag?  That's right... me.  I'm pretty sure it started with a 666 Park Avenue read, sunshine and kids playing outside, and me in my lawn chair working on my farmer's tan and eating these chips.  Bad... bad girl.

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