Friday, March 6, 2015


Am I finally getting to this post??  I ordered new garden seeds a few weeks back and have actually already received them!  I haven't, at this point, gotten around to starting any indoors as of yet.  We are planning on setting out the garden the first week of June again this year.  We used to put it out on May 10th or there-a-bouts.  But it really seems to take off faster and better and really needs less tilling when the ground is truly warmer and ready.  So there's really no rush on starting my tomatoes this soon.  Boooo.  However, I do feel that the seeds I will begin to go in pots do need to be started very soon.  If I put them outside earlier I can always bring them under the porch eave if there is frost in the forecast or pop them into the house for the evening.

Two years ago I was given a tip for a good company to order seeds from that offers a wide variety of heirloom seeds and are non-GMO, non-treated and non-hybrid.  Just good seeds.  Their catalog alone helps get me through the winter and the last one they sent out was just beautiful... cover to cover and featured pictures of their employees.  My orders are easy to place and arrive by post very speedy.  If you are looking for a good spot to purchase seeds I highly suggest giving them a try.  All of the seed that I purchased from them last year came up and grew very well.  The bell peppers were ever as huge as they said they would be and I have had problems in the past with bell pepper plants... not these!!  They offer herbs, flowers, vegetables and more!  And they were nice enough to allow me to use their photos for this post!  Thanks a buncho!  Visit Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds at

Here are some of the seeds I purchased.  The following I bought to try this year.  They are all plants that I've not grown myself before.

Crosbys Egyptian Beet
I have fallen for beets and they and I always say that things are just better when you grow it yourself.  I fully intend to try it with this one!

calabrese broccoli
A friend of ours remarked last year about how good the broccoli was from their garden.  It's been on my mental list to try and grow.

chantenay red core carrot
The kids at the day care wanted to grow carrots in our garden this year.  We shall give it a go then!

caraway seeds
Ah caraway... I love to use caraway seeds when baking bread and also in my cabbage.  I can't wait to collect my own seeds for next winter.

I've not grown oregano from seed before that I can recall.  I think I've always bought a plant from the garden center.  Hopefully.. not this year!  And I've been out of homegrown oregano for a few months and I sure miss it and need to grow more this time.

Apple Blossom Snapdragon
I had such success growing snapdragons last year that I thought I'd try another color this year in addition to the seeds I will sprout that I saved from my own plants.  They bloomed all summer and I so enjoyed them!

I'm gonna tell the truth here when I say that I decided to order seeds for orange zinnias instead of stopping to steal some from the gardener up the road.  Not that he would have minded.  I never could seem to catch him out there to ask permission and going late at night just felt wrong.  I can't wait to see these big orange beauties gracing our garden!

I also ordered Henderson's Black Valentine Bean, Glory of Enkhuizen Cabbage, Bonny Best Tomato, Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Blue Lake Bush 274 Bean and Basil - Genovese.

These are the peppers that I grew last year and extremely pleased with.

Emerald Giant Pepper

Here is a shot of their beautiful catalog.
Click on it to order yourself a copy!
The 2015 ones aren't available anymore but you can get on their December mailing list!
But you don't need a catalog to order online!
They also have a larger catalog for sale that is amazing.

I was in awe when I saw the collage of seeds adorning the entire cover of their catalog.
Amazing and beautiful I found myself trying to name the seeds and beans.


Thanks to Baker Creek Heirloom for allowing me to use their pictures for this post!
All credit goes to them!
Remember to click the pictures or names to be directed to that item.

What do you intend to grow in your garden this year?
Really!  I want to know!
Trying anything new to you this year?

Happy Birthday to readers Kathy and Katety!


  1. Im doing two new things this year as we are having a much bigger garden. Petrowski turnips and white scallop squash. The turnips are a family name that I couldn't pass up and the squash looked like UFOs! I can't wait for gardening season!

  2. Awesome Tubaville! The squash sounds awesome and the turnips too!


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