Wednesday, April 8, 2015

image inspiration

Image Inspiration is a simple series in which I share pictures that have inspired me in some way.  I usually have copied and printed the pictures, in smaller versions, and pasted them into my journal with whatever notes I have about what about the picture inspired me.  It's simple really.  There are so many beautiful photos and ideas out there waiting to be found.  

I got this picture from my friend's blog, Passion of the Purple Pen, and loved her story about her nest friend... herself.  I have been on a Louise Hay kick lately and have been listening to some of her meditation cd's on healing yourself and positive thinking.  She is so very inspiring.

I love this image from Shabby Story blog.  I have a rocking chair that doesn't have a seat in it that I generally place boards across to have a plant sitting in on the porch.  I loved this chic version in the caned chair.  So pretty!

Post image for 8 Ways To Make A Rented Apartment Feel Like Home
I super like the curio shelf here.  I have one at home that was an old type setting display.  I also have one that I left at Mom's that I have a feeling I will get a call about soon now that I mentioned it.  When I was much younger I used them to put little plastic figurines and dollhouse things in.  Now they seem to be making somewhat of a comeback in modern decor, still housing dainty things.... or paper shotgun shells, feathers and wasp nests at my house.  
Picture from FreePeopleBlog via THIS POST.

From the very same post on freepeople... I love the wall hanging above the fireplace!  With the feathers strung down and simply just hung there.  I have one sort of similar that I adore.

And speaking of nests...I think we will do this craft today!!
Spring Crafts for Kids: Nest and Birds Paper Craft ~ Buggy and Buddy
Found on pinterest but obvi at

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