Friday, April 24, 2015

lovin right now

A few things to share with you that I am lovin right now.

 I really like these morning and evening meditations from Louise Hay.  I have gone to sleep listening to the evening meditation for two weeks now.  I feel it has made a difference in some areas of my life so far.

 Seduction scented incense in this brand from my health food store.
photo via                                

 My hammock in The Oasis.  Find one like mine HERE.

The opening in the trees that I hope stays all summer giving me a tiny view of the field behind us.

The morning sun was shining pretty brightly on the ground back there.  In person it is a clear view.
I feel now that I must go to the field and check out the view of the house from the other side. 

 Morning shadows from my houseplants spending their summer on the porch.

 Stevia from the garden last year on my grapefruit instead of a heaping dose of sugar that I previously loved.

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