Wednesday, April 15, 2015

weekend shots

can I please post now?!?!  I am having computer problems again.  I guess I have some sort of virus somewhere in the machine.  I am a laptop girl.  I don't have a smart phone or a tablet or whatever so I've been working strictly on this here gadget for several years.  I've done real well to not have crashed the thing... well maybe just the one time.  but it seems in the last few months I will have these ads popping up everywhere wasting my giga-watts (as Shaun calls them) and flashing grotesque pictures that I did not ask for.  silly things.  so I have uninstalled chrome once again and am starting over fresh... hopefully.  the last few days it had been affecting everything online for me including blogger.  ugh.  so here's a few shots for last week and the weekend.  have a wonderful rest of your week!

dc tulips

me in a bit of a fog or out of focus.

I have spotted two hummers so far.

Tater Bug got her spring hair cut... talk about sassy!

may apples in the woods.

happy about the only morel I found this year.  a couple of days after I found it.

wild iris blooming in the woods.

also the trout lilies.

not sure how I've not notices this tree and it's trees before.  it obviously grew new trees from it's branches years ago when it fell.

five leaf clover.

the dogwood trees are beautiful this year.

Katie Bug treed a groundhog on our Sunday walk.

the strangest tulips I own.

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