Friday, May 22, 2015

lovin right now

1~The Secret Garden adult coloring book by Johanna Brasford.  I actually bought this a year ago and pick it up from time to time.  Lately I have really enjoyed stepping into calm and creating by coloring.  I have found it's best to use gel pens of which I have several... even neon, shimmer and glittered colors.
2~I am in love with pre-peppered pork loin from Kroger.  All you do is pop it in the oven for thirty minutes and it's ready to go with whatever sides you prefer.  So good!
3~This is the second book of Alice Hoffman's I have read lately.  I started this one on Monday of this week after reading Practical Magic last week.  I am really enjoying the ease of reading in her writing and so far am enjoying this one to the bone.  I want more of this oddities museum!
4~I bought this sunscreen in 30 spf last year when I went to Florida with my family.  I am still enjoying it.  It's not greasy or heavy and I've even been wearing it on my face everyday and have yet to over do it in the sun and I am out in it a lot.
5~Guilty pleasure in snack size.  Little Kit Kats have me hooked right now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Recent Shots

Well howdy doo.  It's been a couple of weeks since my last confession... I mean post.  As I posted a little bit ago I have had some computer problems and for a couple of weeks I ignored my computer and left it at home instead of taking it to work with me and getting frustrated.  Then I took it to my repair guy where it spent several days and I got it back last week.  In all truth I have enjoyed not having it for the most part.  I've read a couple of books and colored in my coloring book to pass the time during naptime.  I even sat out on the back porch and worked on my farm girl tan... you know arms and calves with my face covered of course. 

Since I've been gone I have had a niece graduate from college, have started walking the driveway at day break again, have had an Amish couple come up for a possible wild herb class to be held here, I've planted seedlings and bulbs, had more ticks attached to me than ever and haven't finished my quilt!  Plus we finally bought a new gas grill that I am thrilled about.  It's been busy as ever around here.  Hopefully we will get the garden planted this coming long weekend although I wish we were going camping somewhere.  If we could pull the camper down to the creek camp sight I would be thrilled and pretend I was on vacation! 

Killdeer Nest and Eggs

My quilt top finished.

A couple of the graduation party.

A morning walk in the creek.

No wonder my feet like to have froze when we went four wheeling.  They held water the second she hit the creek.

Friday, May 1, 2015

literally on the library hold shelf

My library list today consists of a few finds and one old favorite.  The first one sparked my interest while reading a list in the New York Times on great gifts for college graduates.  I didn't feel that  my college graduating niece would be the slightest bit interested in this book but thought maybe I would.  I did read some reviews on Amazon and one said that cities are more big cites and not off the beaten path type stuff.  I don't know which I would be more interested in anyway.  I more like Waymore... drinking and dreamin, knowing damn well I won't go.  Until the Provost comes into play someday.  But then it will be campgrounds and such.

If you saw my post from Tuesday of this week then you know why I want the Tennessee wildflowers book.  I found a few new blooms in the woods this year that I've not seen before and am interested in finding out what they are.  

The Golden Girls I've seen bunches of times in the past.  Both when they were prime time and reruns on Lifetime.  Since we have an outside antenna for our television source and no cable or satellite to watch reruns, if they even still show them, I resort to my beloved library.  I have a tv in the kitchen that is not hooked up to the antenna but does have a dvd player so that's where I watch my old sitcoms and favorite movies over and over again.  I will switch it on in the mornings for a laugh while making coffee and cooking breakfast and in the evenings if Shaun is watching something in the living room that I'm not particularly interested in... which most of the time involves Dirty Harry or Burt Reynolds. He's old fashioned too... just in a different way.  I even sit on the countertop where my tv is in the kitchen to watch it and lately I've noticed that over the last six years I've worn the color off of the drawer handle by putting my foot on it.  

I have seen and loved the movie Practical Magic for many years but have never taken the time to read the book.  So often or maybe every time, the book is better than the movie and I am really hoping so in this case.  I adore the kitchen and plant room/conservatory in the house and hope to goodness the author explains these rooms in detail so my imagination can run wild with it.  Here is the movie version.

Practical Magic~ The best part of the house. I've always wanted a kitchen or greenhouse/reading/craft-space that looks like this, of course I've always wanted a big bridge in my yard too, we don't always get what we want. That is why there is pinterest... 

Gasp!  What I would give for that room.... and that enamelware bin under the table!
 And the kitchen...

I think the house from Practical Magic is my dream home. Lovely rambling old victorian on the edge of some cliffs overlooking the ocean? Yes please.

 And let us not forget the outside of the beautiful Victorian home and the garden that surrounds it.  

The stunning house featured in the 1998 movie Practical Magic is the ne plus ultra of Victorian homes. (image: Victoria Magazine)

OK.. enough day dreaming already!  I've got library books to pick up!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I plan on doing some reading in the Oasis

p.s. Practical Magic pictures found on pinterest