Monday, June 8, 2015

a house cleaning

We have lived in our beautiful home for six years now.  all the while I have maintain a clean home on the inside and have tried my best to keep check in cleaning the outside furniture at least twice a year.  Mainly to get pollen off so you can sit on chair without getting your breeches dirty.  The outside of our home has been on Shaun's mind for a little bit know and a couple of weeks ago, and after the two nests of birds who call our porch home had flown the coop, he decided to give it a bath with the pressure washer.  Man!  What a difference it has made.  Our porch looks almost brand new!  So clean and bright.  I didn't truly realize how bad it was.  I guess I was used to it. 

Now, if it ever stops raining for a bit, we plan on sealing the wood.  Maybe then we can just hose it off when it needs it again.

Porchy stuff gets pushed to one side during the cleaning.

Miss Kitty could care less either way.

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