Wednesday, June 3, 2015

herb hike

I am pleased beyond words to report that one of my dreams of our farms and it's nature has come true!  A month or more ago, my yoga teacher Tracy had a spark in her eye when I walked into class as she saw me walk in.  She asked me about our land and if it had water and woods as well as field.  I answered "of course!"  and she told me that the iridologist there at the store was interested in finding a good spot to hold a wild herbs walk and class.  My first thought was "do I want a bunch of people up?" then the V8 commercial, palm to forehead, hit me saying "hello!  this is exactly what you have been dreaming of!"  So a couple of Fridays in a row Nathan and his wife Ida came up to our place and we walked through the woods and on the trails to see what we could find.  I have always known there are plants here that could be medicinal but knowing what they are was beyond me.  The class date was scheduled and we were ready to go!

This past Saturday morning everyone arrived with open ears and minds read to learn just like I was.  We had a perfect morning as the rain held off and the temperature was mild.  We began right by the driveway as he pointed out the black walnut, slippery elm and wild cherry trees.  Then walked along the tree line from the back of the house and down the trail as he pointed out all sorts of herbs and allowing us to sample some by feel, smell and even taste.  He explained the medicinal purposes of each and what parts of each plant were useful whether it was the root, flower, leaves and/or stem.  He showed us the differences in leaves, their veins, edges and sorts.  I was in sheer herbal heaven. 

The walk lasted a few hours.  Then they gathered a bit of passion flower vine and leaves to show us how to properly make a tincture once we got back to the store.  We took a break for lunch and all met back at the health food store where he had a slide show prepared for us showing more herbs and also talked about making teas, tinctures and salves.  We also were able to purchase a copy of his herb book which I am in awe over.  It is by far the most valuable herb book that I own because not only does it explain and have diagrams of plants and pictures of herbs with descriptions of each and telling their many uses and preparation techniques but also I love it because it shows plants that are native to my back yard.  I have vowed to myself to study his work and become the lady who knows all about the land she has been blessed to live on.  I feel I have been granted this dream come true for a reason and maybe will be able to use it in wonderful ways. 

They plan to do more hikes next year and I really am excited.  I am positive that this alone will get me through the cold winter months with a smile on my face in anticipation of our next hike!

Remember when I had the urge to begin a Farm Documentary?

And my Herbal Morning walk?

It just really goes to show you that new dreams can become reality.  I don't know what I did right to deserve this one coming true.  Maybe if I keep dreaming and wishing the greenhouse one will come true too!

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