Monday, June 15, 2015

image inspiration

Image Inspiration is a spot where I share shots from blogs and such that I follow that have in some way sparked my imagination and possibly my creativity or at least my interest and day dream-y-ness.

Welcoming Winter post from
I love the couch and especially the little stool beside it.  That looks like a recovering job that I could do!  Something about this image painted a picture in my mind of a portion of our basement being finished into a room with possible these accents. Lovely!  The basement wouldn't have the sunlight streaming in though.
Freezing veggies for smoothies!
How brilliant!  I love my berry/beet smoothie but sometimes don't have time to make them and my beets go bad in the fridge.  This will totally take care of that and take less time in the morning chopping veggies!  How smart!
Post image for Positive Vibes at Hangout Music Festival
I actually have a tank similar to this one but I usually only sleep in it.  It may just see the light of day this summer!  Love her Berks too.  Mine got down and dirty in the garden this weekend.
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And from the same post at
I have an old (semi-stinky) leather purse about this size that I almost want to think that it has belt strap slits.  At 41 I could only dream of it looking this good on me but for "hands and shoulder free" it would be well worth a try should I find myself in need.  I for sure have a belt I could use.

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  1. Hi Laurie! Visiting from Summer Soul Camp. Great post and so fun seeing all of these pics - brings me back. I think my grandparents had a stool similar to the one in the first pic!


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