Friday, June 12, 2015

recently purchased

I am an Amazon dot com shopper.  If there's something I am looking for online Amazon is where I look first.  Especially if I don't have the patience to wait until the weekend and go store to store looking for what I have in mind.  I don't do a lot of shopping otherwise.  I recently cut off several pairs of older blue jeans to avoid shopping for new shorts.  The grocery store and Walmart is about it for me.  And Amazon. 
Seresto flea and tick collar for dogs.  My father-in-law swore by it so this year we are trying it.  I will report that after putting it on Kate over a month ago, she has had no problems so far with the collar itself causing problems on her skin like some of the reviews stated.  As far as fleas I haven't seen a one.  I have picked a few ticks off her and they were all dead.  Even the ones on her back legs.  The collar is fairly expensive but not compared to topicals that actually work and the collar covers eight months.  I have got to get the cats one too.
A roll of sticky back cork.  This I am excited about because I recently acquired two good sized shadow boxes that are in need of cork on the inside so that I can pin in my oddity collection for the kids to observe... without touching.  I have bones, dead moths, owls pellets, bird nests, wasp nests and I could kick myself for forgetting to go back and get the snake skin that Shaun saw the other day... all to put on display. 
Our wedding anniversary was this past weekend and Shaun is always in need of a new pair of his favorite sunglasses.  They are listed as safety glasses and are Harley Davidson brand.  He has always liked the mirrored lenses.  They are everywhere laying around in his shop.  I don't know why he doesn't just throw away the scratched up pairs.  I can see him going around and trying them all on trying to find the good ones. 
Granny gave me a bookmark one night at supper and it had a hole punch in the shape of a heart.  I am sure my eyes got larger than life when I saw it thinking how cute it was.  So Amazon had one for about five bucks plus shipping.  I thought it would be nice sometime to use as a warning worm hole for the kids and then sometimes nice to use anywhere!
And with all the coloring I was doing when my pc was down I seemed to have ran out the green gel pens.  So I got a new pack.  They aren't cheap and I seriously could have probably found them cheaper somewhere else.  But sometimes you just want it right now and you push the button.

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