Friday, June 5, 2015


I have always been a salad lover but never really stuck to eating salads as a meal.  Lately, in an effort to get rid of what I call and am not afraid to admit "the winter beginnings of a beer gut" I have been eating fresh salads for lunch.  My lunch salad is lovely and contains only a little bit of dressing and no meat.  I have wanted to get Shaun on the salad wagon too, at least for some of our suppers, as he complains about the "BG" too... on himself... not me!  In an effort to do this I have tried to come up with salads that have meat added to them.  The problem I find is in the dressings.  Mexican or Tex-Mex salads are easy.. just throw on some salsa to counter act the dryness along with some chicken.  I love it but it will get old and you can't just throw ranch dressing on everything.  So I employ the help of my beloved library.  I found tons of books to grab online and have sent to my local library plus a few extras that had salad in the name and seemed fun enough to place on hold too!

Does this not sound like fun in a jar?!? 
And goodness knows I've got the jars to do it!
On the list for this one.  It's on order.
The thing I love about the warmer months is that it is never too late to throw some seeds in a pot of dirt and before you know it... fresh greens!
My spring mix growing at the day care.  Lovely to be able to snip a few leaves to go with my romaine for lunch.

Made into a healthy lunch for me.
Hey... here's an idea... check out a book from the library instead of staring at your phone or kindle or whatever you choose to stare at.  It will probably reduce your stress level not to mention get your eyes off of the blue glowing screen. 

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