Tuesday, June 9, 2015

weekend shots

I really had no idea how much I would love my sacred space on the porch.

I've been seeing a lot of hens around.  This morning I saw two hens and six babies.  I always worry when the hay is cut because they normally nest in the tall grass of the fields.

First batch of hay has been cut, raked and rolled.  

Despite the heat of the weekend and needing another hair cut Katie Bug is still ready to play.

I love how the dichondra finds it's was through the teeniest holes.

My roses have been going crazy blooming!!

My shoes are off as much as possible.

Bulbous Begonias growing and doing well.

Something about the top being off of my truck makes me feel good.

My Christmas cactus is slightly confused on the time of year but I am not complaining about this beautiful bloom.

Lazy porch naps.

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