Thursday, July 16, 2015

Camp Arrowhead Day Four

Our fourth and last day of summer camp at the day care was sure a fun one.  I wanted to squeeze in all of the plans for other days that didn't happen but as it turns out they didn't all happen on this day either.  Things like tug-of-war, clothespin drop and a trip to the creek.  Maybe next year.  We did manage to have a pretty full day as it was.  After everyone arrived we met in the craft room and made popsicle stick picture frames.  My plan for the afternoon would incorporate these.  They are very simple and do need time to dry.  I had the kids lay out their popsicle sticks in twos and we held them together with masking tape then put a generous dab of glue at the top of two and then the bottom of the same ones and laid the other stick pairs on the glue.  We used q-tips and mod podge for the glue.  That's it really.  Now we wait for them to dry and we all headed outside for a bit of free play.
For our last picnic lunch of camp we took a vote and decided to hike up the driveway to a set of trees in the corner of the sunflower field.  I had already packed up their sack lunches of ham and cheese sandwiches, Pringles chips, green grapes and two powdered doughnuts for desert along with the last of the drink boxes.  We had a lovely lunch in the shade and afterwards the kids treasure hunted under the trees and found several things to fill their pockets.  We headed back and all settled in for our last bedding down around the campfire as I read one more scary story.  I wish I had read this one before because I had to change the ending once I got to it to something a bit less scary, or maybe less real, for them.

When everyone woke I had plans to make microwave s'mores that turned out to be very good but very messy!  What's wrong with gettin' a little messy?  Not a thing!  As we were finishing our snacks someone arrived to pick up a couple of my boys so we didn't get to hand out their badges. :(  I did take their pictures for their frames and promised they would be ready for them on Monday.  SO we had the badge ceremony with the other children and their faces smiling as I reminded them what they had done to earn their badges of being Good Helpers and Good Listeners during story time and Washing Hands without being asked.  They were all so proud.  I got pictures and began printing them for frames as another Mom arrived.  Sounds like I wasn't ready for camp to end! 

I had decided to print out labels for the frames instead of using a marker because all of my test runs had ran into the wood.  So I glued on titles for their frames and really liked how they turned out.

After everything was semi-cleaned up from snack and pictures, we headed outside to a humid afternoon and a battle of water guns for our summer camp finale!  There were just a couple of us left there but it was total fun.  I had one of the boys quoting Eastwood and stations set up to hide behind with buckets of water for ammo refills.  A very fun ending to a very fun week of camp with these kids! 

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