Monday, July 6, 2015

weekend shots

Well if I don't have time to share everything I want to I will at least share a few shots from weekends here and there!  I actually am planning on sharing our "summer camp week" at the day care with you but it is a lot to share and this is day one so I may get it ready for it all to start a different day.  I am having so much fun with it too!  Here are a few from the last day or two.  I had an awesome weekend full of time spent with friends and family and then a little of just us on Sunday trying to catch up from all the visiting. 

Me... the happy canner... put up twenty three half pints of Georgia peach preserves. 
Summer in a jar will be tasting mighty sweet this winter.
I got the peaches from The Peach Truck fresh from Georgia last week.
Check them out to see if they visit your area!
Or you can have them shipped anywhere.

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