Friday, August 14, 2015

a find it

With craft fair season almost upon us I thought I would get you up to speed in spotting.  I have a few photos from Bellbuckle and a couple from the Nashville flea market last year.  Let's see if you can tune in your keen eye and find the items listed below the pictures.
Seven peace signs, seven bears, a owl, a tiger, seven skulls, a rainbow, a daisy, an orange ribbon.

Superman, a syrup bottle, a really big smile, a wooden shoe, a football, a scholar, an upside down dish. and a parasol.

A snowflake, two blue birds, a bathtub, a globe, two dancers, a spinning wheel, a wren, a mini bar and a white telephone.

 A baseball, a storm trooper, a deer and four parasols, Santa, Sunbeam Barbie, an eight ball and a baby with no arms.
A leaf, smiling faces and a red dinosaur, dancing ladies, a stethoscope, a copper tub and taffy logs, a fish, beaded basket, butter churn and a ball.

A jar of thread, a red hat, Aunt Dea, A wooden whistle, baked goods, a radio, a 5 4, 3 cigar boxes, a water bottle, a spoon and a flask.
Awe that's all?? I have so much fun doing these.  I hope you enjoy them too! 

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