Tuesday, August 11, 2015

days of our day care

About a month ago... the big kids and I decided that we needed a project.  Something that would involve all of us working together.  We do lots of projects that show individuality, but not many that show what we can do together.  I thought about it and decided that we should make a papier mache volcano... and they were ALL IN!  So we traipsed back to the shop at the house to find a piece of plywood for our base and covered it with aluminum foil.  Then we fashioned a model volcano out of a Pringles can and tissue paper all glued down and together.  Next I mixed up a batch of papier mache as the boys tore pieces of newspaper.  Then we painted our volcano and the base.  And the most exciting step of all was carrying our creation outside and making it erupt by adding baking soda, a little food coloring and vinegar.  Tis was their most favorite step of all.  The big finale!
Note: this did not all happen in one day.  Our Wednesdays, at the time, consisted of only the bigger boys.  So we used our Wednesday time together to work on our project a little at a time. 


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