Thursday, August 13, 2015

little hummingbirds

And speaking or papier mache... I have always felt that I could create anything using it.  I have made many things in my years with papier mache and love to work with it in all it's messiness and simplicity.  Just mix up a batch, made a mold of something and cover it... let it dry and paint it.  Simple as that.  During naptime one day, after the volcano was complete, I decided to try and make butterflies.  The butterflies didn't turn out as planned so I moved on to something bigger... birds.  Or one bird in particular.  Hummingbirds.

There was a lot of messiness in between these steps so the camera was not involved.
Oh, but the wings are simple cut out cardstock with a bend at the body and tape.

I love this little belly.

I used mod podge mixed with fine glitter for the green body and red throat.  I painted the belly white and the beak black and added black sequin eyes.  I also used heavy duty foil... incase you were wondering.

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