Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On The Menu

So.. we have a long weekend four wheeling trip coming up and I'm already in the planning stages.  Not like getting the four wheeler ready or packing clothes!  I'm thinking about food!  Last year, this trip to the big fall jamboree was just a boys trip.  This year, because I haven't been anywhere in a while and I do love to four wheel in the mountains, I decided to go.  I'm not the only chick going... I don't think.  It would be ok if I was the only girl.  I feel like I fit right in sometimes... they even call me Larry.  Not in an offensive way!  One of Shaun's buddies little girl can't say Laurie real good so she says Larry and Shaun.  Sweet thing!  Anywho... the boys trip last year didn't involve much food from what I've heard.  More of a "pork chop in a can" kind of trip.  All I can say is... not if I'm going... or at least not for me.  They can do what they want.  When we went for our Christmas vacation last year I cooked breakfast and planned suppers and such so the guys pretty much had a cook with them.  Nice huh?!?!  It's the shorter trips that the guys don't want me to worry about cooking and say "Awe.. it's no big deal".  But this girl's gotta eat!  When we've been on the shorter trips we usually get those frozen breakfast bowl things with the meat, eggs and gravy.  They're ok if that's all you've got but this time I've found a couple of recipe that I am going to make ahead of time, for quick breakfasts, that we can just heat up!  Brilliant!  And with the help of the internet I've found a few that I am going to try.  I might not even take my skillet with me.  I'm making a face.  No bacon??  Maybe I'll take it just incase.  (click on the name or picture to be directed to the recipe.)
Egg muffins look super easy and super good.  I can just see a whole Ziplock full of these cuties ready to go!  Found on hellobee
Baked French Toast Sticks |
I absolutely LOVE French toast sticks!  Back when I ate fast food, Burger King used to have some good fast French toast sticks.  All I will have to do it take along a little thing of syrup!  These will be made THIS weekend!  Found on
Refrigerator Oatmeal--6 no-cook flavors. Make ahead in individual mason jars for a quick, healthy grab-and-go breakfast.
I've been a big fan of overnight refrigerator oatmeal for a while now.  It's so easy and nutritious.  I don't know that I will lug jars of it four wheeling but these are some good variations and who knows... I might!!
Ok no picture here but these sound very easy and delish.  I can't decide which to use!!
Breakfast burrito - John E. Kelly/Photodisc/Getty Images
I am a fan of make ahead burritos in lots of styles and have taken lunch burritos four wheeling with us before.  These will probably be made and packed to go with us.  Too easy and good not to.

Friday, September 25, 2015

birthday wishes

For some reason I can't seem to come up with a bunch of things that I want for my birthday.  I usually keep a list of things that I wouldn't mind having but wouldn't normally buy for myself.  I put these things out there for my family to make it easier on them and give them plenty of time to gather things up.  I sound so... greedy?  But in our family, like it or not, birthdays happen!  A meal is shared, cake is eaten and presents are given.  There's a bunch of us so sometimes it seems like that's all we do but it never reduces the amount of family love and the quality time spent celebrating each one of us being here.  So family... here's what I wouldn't mind having incase you need some suggestions.
We use a set of steak knives in our home that Shaun had way before I came along.  They are dull and are the type that can't really be sharpened.  My favorite knives to use in the kitchen are Rada knives.  They are reasonably priced... pretty low actually... and are fantastic.  I would love a set of Rada Steak knives.  I'm pretty sure there is a vendor at the Nashville flea market each month but there's also a little hardware store in Millersville that sells Rada too. 
All of my nieces have and wear these pretty name necklaces and I think it's time Aunt Laurie had one too.  Only difference, not that I wouldn't take either one, is that I want gold colored instead of silver.  I hope it doesn't turn!
Oscar Mayer bacon is my absolute favorite!  What is not my favorite is the price of bacon.  Even Walmart has gone up to $5.88 for a pound.  Ridiculous.  Every once in a while I catch it on sale but not often enough and six bucks for a pound of deliciousness isn't always in the grocery budget.  Sams Club sells boxes of OM bacon in three pounds and the last time I checked it was about fourteen dollars which is dang near the price of two pounds at the grocery.  Problem is... I don't have a Sams card nor am I in Hendersonville very much.  I asked for bacon last Christmas and got some so I thought it was time to ask again!  Weird or not!
Who doesn't love the Golden Girls show???  I do and it's kind of hard to get from the library and it's one of those that I am not ready to give up after a week of having it rented and you can't hardly ever renew it because someone else always has it on their hold list.  I wouldn't mind having a season or two on hand to watch in the kitchen.  I find myself watching tv sitcoms that I own over and over again cause the antenna isn't hooked up to that tv so the little dvd player is all I've got.  I like it that way though.
Welp family... that's it!  Other than this cough going away... I'll take that too if anyone can whip me up a spell to rid me of it.  Tough luck on that one huh!
By the way this is my 800th post here on the blog.  That's a lot!  I reckon I've had a lot to say over the last few years!  Thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

days of our day care

Another blissful day at the creek with three of my kiddos from the day care and one furry kiddo of mine... Katie Bug.  I am so thankful that Kate is so very good with people and kids.  She wants to play all the time and fits right in.  This morning I was still on an energy buzz from the Kacey Musgraves concert last night that I just quietly started packing lunches for the kids while they played and at about 9:30 we headed to the back of the farm.  We had a blast... one caught a craw daddy, I traded marshmallows for found treasures, we ate sandwiches, threw the stick for Kate, listened to good music, and the boys threw logs into the water making big splashes.  During lunch I turned the music off and we just listened.  I asked each one to tell me what they were hearing.  We heard birds talking, crickets chirping, an airplane flying over and even Kate panting waiting for another Cheetoh.  I always wish we could stay longer but the creek wears them out and naptime is a must for some.  I wish it were for me... I just can't sleep when the sun is out. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

image inspiration

Why exactly... with all of the enamelware that I own... have I never even thought of using them for my utensils?  I like to use mine as vases to hold flowers but that's not everyday.  I have my cooking utensils in crocks right now... right now... only because I am at work.  This image inspired me to make the change from crock to enamelware by using items I already have. 
Image found on moontomoon via this link HERE.

Post image for Bestival: What We’re Packing for This UK Festival
So after several years of being a non-concert goer... I will be headed downtown with my niece on Wednesday evening to see Kacey Musgraves at the Ryman.  I am totally excited but am at a loss as to what to wear.  I feel like when I get dressed up in what I think looks cute... when I return home worn out my choice in clothes seems more trashy than trendy and I wonder what I was thinking.  I will probably do the same at this one.  I can remember what I wore to my first concert ever which was The Steve Miller Band at Starwood a hundred years ago.  I wore a two piece, navy blue with white polka dots, shorts and top combo that completely showed my mid which I could do back then.  I think the people We went with were not prepared for my choice of clothing but as I read on a blog today that inspired me... Make no apologies for living your own life... which I didn't that evening but now looking back... wow.  I'd like to be a little more thoughtful now.  The pic above reminds me of a crochet white vest thing that I think I still have and of course I am dreaming of breaking out the denim patchwork jeans that I broke out seven years ago when I was the only one at the party who dressed up for the "dress up Halloween party" and went as Janis Joplin.  I rocked it.  I have four outfits written down so far.  One of them being what I normally wear because that's what I love right now.  Kacey has never seen me in it I guarantee you that! 
Oh yea... I got the above pic from freepeople HERE when I typed in festival in their search because I know they share what to wear type of things. 
4 recommended books!
I was originally inspired by my sister who shared this post with me but then by the blogger who shared the book suggestions.  I'm glad to know that I'm not the only blogger that shares books.  I think I would mostly enjoy Faithful Place after reading her write ups but maybe Lottery too.  We will see what my library has and give them a try.  I still can't seem to throw myself into reading much these days.  The post was HERE on

Friday, September 18, 2015


I love the library but truthfully I haven't been going much lately.  Lately I have only wanted one book to just read before bed or during naptime at the day care.  I have also only wanted one video.  That being some sort of sitcom to have on while I am working in the kitchen.  I admit, when I saw that the library was getting The Wiz, starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, I got a little excited.  I watched it growing up and still have certain scenes permanently engraved in my mind and some of the songs!!  Ease on down ease on down the road!  I think I might have mentioned The New Bohemians interior book on a previous list but I'm still waiting on it.  And I am hoping the either The Marriage of Opposites or A Window Opens will keep me captivated long enough to finish them.  I loved the last book I read, Bloodroot by Amy Greene, but the second book I got of hers, Long Man, I can't get into for some reason.  I find myself wondering if it can really last that long and just want to know if the chick and her kid in the town leave before they block off the water to the new dam and flood the town.  I have skipped forward I admit. 
I also admit that I have taken bike riding back up.  Please don't get an image of me in your head in spandex on some expensive bike blocking half of a lane of back roads getting in the way of passing cars.  I just truck around the shop.  I've gotten quite good at dodging the camper, trucks, stray motors and air hoses and can get pretty good speed up if I've got the right music in my ears.  I think Shaun likes the company and sometimes when he drops a tool while working on his trucks I'll just glide over, scoop it up and hand it to him and be on my merry way while we can still chat yet I'm really not in the way.  Plus I get a little exercise.  I bet I rode that bike for two hours last Sunday... maybe more.  Here's a picture of me on the Vista Sophisticate.  That's when we went camping last year.  I love the last picture of Shaun with Katie Bug in that post when it was raining and we had to stay inside for a while that morning.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

dc creek days

I have taken kids to the creek from the day care since we opened.  I truly do love the adventure with them whether it lasts an hour or we wind up taking a picnic lunch and staying several hours.  I never go with more than two children at a time so it's not everyday that we get to take the adventure.  It also makes it special for the times that we get to go.  I feel that if I had help or a friend along I would take more kids at a time.  The creek is at the back of our property so we have to drive from the day care to the house and then to the creek unless we decide to walk from the house.  Either way it is so much fun when we get there to explore and make new discoveries and find cool fossils and things living in the creek.  And we always take Kate with us.  Last week one of my two year olds threw a fairly thick stick for Kate and it hit me right on the bridge of the nose.  I did cry a little.  Still had fun though.  Here are a few pictures from two trips to the creek lately.

This one is saying "Miss Waurie... come wook at this!"

I finally, after six years, have caught the orchid in bloom!!!!!!!
I love her bubble trail in the water.

Me... always the finder of feathers.

Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy.

Where's my sack lunch mom?