Friday, September 25, 2015

birthday wishes

For some reason I can't seem to come up with a bunch of things that I want for my birthday.  I usually keep a list of things that I wouldn't mind having but wouldn't normally buy for myself.  I put these things out there for my family to make it easier on them and give them plenty of time to gather things up.  I sound so... greedy?  But in our family, like it or not, birthdays happen!  A meal is shared, cake is eaten and presents are given.  There's a bunch of us so sometimes it seems like that's all we do but it never reduces the amount of family love and the quality time spent celebrating each one of us being here.  So family... here's what I wouldn't mind having incase you need some suggestions.
We use a set of steak knives in our home that Shaun had way before I came along.  They are dull and are the type that can't really be sharpened.  My favorite knives to use in the kitchen are Rada knives.  They are reasonably priced... pretty low actually... and are fantastic.  I would love a set of Rada Steak knives.  I'm pretty sure there is a vendor at the Nashville flea market each month but there's also a little hardware store in Millersville that sells Rada too. 
All of my nieces have and wear these pretty name necklaces and I think it's time Aunt Laurie had one too.  Only difference, not that I wouldn't take either one, is that I want gold colored instead of silver.  I hope it doesn't turn!
Oscar Mayer bacon is my absolute favorite!  What is not my favorite is the price of bacon.  Even Walmart has gone up to $5.88 for a pound.  Ridiculous.  Every once in a while I catch it on sale but not often enough and six bucks for a pound of deliciousness isn't always in the grocery budget.  Sams Club sells boxes of OM bacon in three pounds and the last time I checked it was about fourteen dollars which is dang near the price of two pounds at the grocery.  Problem is... I don't have a Sams card nor am I in Hendersonville very much.  I asked for bacon last Christmas and got some so I thought it was time to ask again!  Weird or not!
Who doesn't love the Golden Girls show???  I do and it's kind of hard to get from the library and it's one of those that I am not ready to give up after a week of having it rented and you can't hardly ever renew it because someone else always has it on their hold list.  I wouldn't mind having a season or two on hand to watch in the kitchen.  I find myself watching tv sitcoms that I own over and over again cause the antenna isn't hooked up to that tv so the little dvd player is all I've got.  I like it that way though.
Welp family... that's it!  Other than this cough going away... I'll take that too if anyone can whip me up a spell to rid me of it.  Tough luck on that one huh!
By the way this is my 800th post here on the blog.  That's a lot!  I reckon I've had a lot to say over the last few years!  Thanks for reading!

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