Friday, September 11, 2015

lovin right now

I really, really like sharing things that I am lovin right now with you.
First up...  I am for sure lovin this orange and black pekoe tea blend!  The dollar tree in white house used to carry a kind that I enjoyed but the store went out of business.  Two weeks ago I wandered into the dollar tree in Hendersonville but alas they don't carry it.  I found this brand at walmart and enjoy it so!  It's just different than the usual instant kind I've used forever.  I call it my day care tea.  You need special quirks where you spend your time.
I recently rented Bloodroot by Amy Greene from the library after eyeing it on a blog somewhere.  I love to see what other people are reading.  If I didn't browse with that in mind sometimes I fear I would never happen upon some really good reads.  I really liked this one.
At the day care this year we decided to plant a flower garden where we usually have a vegetable garden.  I am actually glad that we did because this did not turn out to be our best garden year.  Our garden does have a couple of tomato plants but also orange zinnias, pink zinnias in large and small and also orange cosmos.  We pick a fresh batch to go in a jar on our eating table each week.  The boys have also enjoyed plucking the nasty green horn worms from the tomato plants and squashing them.  I can't stand those things!  We have also enjoyed the plethora of butterflies and bees and even hummingbirds that our flower garden attracts.

I like this little quote.

I feel like I am the queen of beliefs.  I've got some odd ones as many of you do too.  Not really major beliefs like religious stuff or all the mish mosh on the news.  Everybody has opinions and beliefs like that.  These are more personal.  I believe I will do yoga for the rest of my life.  I believe that if I use the wrong body wash in the morning if can affect my day.  I believe that certain bras that I own and wear will result in friends coming over in the evenings although I can't ever remember which bra does which.  I also do believe in waiting for the Lord.  I have been minus a few kids at the day care and trying to enjoy my time with less kids to worry about but the money part stings.  I believe the Lord will send them when I am ready to receive them and I just need to tough it out in the meantime.  Although the idea of job hunting does cross my mind.  When we first decided to open the day care I wasn't totally sold on the fact of it working out for us.  Mainly because I had never been in business for myself/by myself and always worked for others.  I was walking the driveway one afternoon after work, before I had quit my job in Nashville, and after we had been remodeling and working to prepare the trailer for my new job and suddenly stopped in the driveway feeling doubtful and scared as I looked at the trailer at the end of the driveway.  I asked the Lord out loud if this was the right thing... was I going in the right direction by quitting my job and doing this.  At that moment I felt a breeze come up and wrap around me like warm arms.  It felt like a hug and right then I wasn't scared anymore and knew we were doing the right thing.  I have to trust and believe in myself and these decisions and that this is where I am supposed to be career-wise right now.  Well, that just went in a different direction.  Talk about typing what you're thinking! 

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