Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On The Menu

So.. we have a long weekend four wheeling trip coming up and I'm already in the planning stages.  Not like getting the four wheeler ready or packing clothes!  I'm thinking about food!  Last year, this trip to the big fall jamboree was just a boys trip.  This year, because I haven't been anywhere in a while and I do love to four wheel in the mountains, I decided to go.  I'm not the only chick going... I don't think.  It would be ok if I was the only girl.  I feel like I fit right in sometimes... they even call me Larry.  Not in an offensive way!  One of Shaun's buddies little girl can't say Laurie real good so she says Larry and Shaun.  Sweet thing!  Anywho... the boys trip last year didn't involve much food from what I've heard.  More of a "pork chop in a can" kind of trip.  All I can say is... not if I'm going... or at least not for me.  They can do what they want.  When we went for our Christmas vacation last year I cooked breakfast and planned suppers and such so the guys pretty much had a cook with them.  Nice huh?!?!  It's the shorter trips that the guys don't want me to worry about cooking and say "Awe.. it's no big deal".  But this girl's gotta eat!  When we've been on the shorter trips we usually get those frozen breakfast bowl things with the meat, eggs and gravy.  They're ok if that's all you've got but this time I've found a couple of recipe that I am going to make ahead of time, for quick breakfasts, that we can just heat up!  Brilliant!  And with the help of the internet I've found a few that I am going to try.  I might not even take my skillet with me.  I'm making a face.  No bacon??  Maybe I'll take it just incase.  (click on the name or picture to be directed to the recipe.)
Egg muffins look super easy and super good.  I can just see a whole Ziplock full of these cuties ready to go!  Found on hellobee
Baked French Toast Sticks |
I absolutely LOVE French toast sticks!  Back when I ate fast food, Burger King used to have some good fast French toast sticks.  All I will have to do it take along a little thing of syrup!  These will be made THIS weekend!  Found on
Refrigerator Oatmeal--6 no-cook flavors. Make ahead in individual mason jars for a quick, healthy grab-and-go breakfast.
I've been a big fan of overnight refrigerator oatmeal for a while now.  It's so easy and nutritious.  I don't know that I will lug jars of it four wheeling but these are some good variations and who knows... I might!!
Ok no picture here but these sound very easy and delish.  I can't decide which to use!!
Breakfast burrito - John E. Kelly/Photodisc/Getty Images
I am a fan of make ahead burritos in lots of styles and have taken lunch burritos four wheeling with us before.  These will probably be made and packed to go with us.  Too easy and good not to.

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