Thursday, October 8, 2015

beads n feathers

I needed to make some feathers hanging on strings for part of my niece's birthday presents.  One for a window and the other for... well... she hasn't gotten it yet so I can't say.  It's just added décor.  I also was in the mood for something like this after putting up a tension rod in my bathroom window and hanging lovely draping sheers that I can pull back but still enjoy the view when they are open.  It's not exactly what I've been itching for in there but it will work.  Anyway, I want something special and reflective hanging in that window as well. So. Today at the day care I gathered up feathers and beads and twine and string and within minutes I had some beautiful boho gems!  It's going to be hard to let any of them go.  But they are lovely charms that are charming the heck out of me!
I simply tied the twine around the top of the feathers and strung beads on.  Not a tough thing to do at all but oh so pretty.  Please excuse the lack of a good backdrop in the pics!

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