Monday, October 12, 2015

book crush

So... I'm kinda in love with a book right now.  Not sure how soon the library will be getting this one back.  Although I'm sure I can't renew it because I was on the wait list FOREVER!  You probably remember it from my "literally on the library hold shelf" posts.  It's a home décor book by Justina Blakeney called The New Bohemians  -  Cool & Collected Homes.  I seriously didn't pull it out of my library bag for a couple of days after I got it but when I did... man it was on!  I poured over it's pages of beautiful pictures and homes and people and their stories and all of it literally writing down page numbers that I wanted to photograph and keep because I didn't have my camera with me at the time.  It's so homey and inspirational.  I made notes on several things that I went home after work and did.  I still have notes on other things yet to come.  Just look...
Just another hint to redo my utensils in my kitchen that I still haven't done.  It's on my list of things to do next.

I am digging the bookshelf by the bed and feel I need one instead of the table that I have now.  I constantly have books stacked among other things.  The bookshelf looks more like it's stored on purpose.  I like it.

The greenhouse.... I'm drooling.
A good place for a "find it"!  What a colorful life!

I love the "adopt and idea" sections.

Aaaahhhh this rug!

I liked how the books are in color order on the shelves.

The fella from this space literally hand sewed all of this denim on his couch over the last few years a piece at a time as he got it and is still patching it on.  How cool is that?

Yea.. that's my hair and that chair is bad ass.  That's how I want the seats in my truck to look.. soon.

Even the cover is gorgeous.

And that's what we did that day... at least one of us.
Happy Birthday Sonya Lopez!!!
Seriously... she's a gal I went to school with and haven't seen in twenty three years but I still remember her birthday is October 12th.  Weird what you hold onto.

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