Wednesday, October 28, 2015

fall leaves

I like when I am feeling crafty.  Earlier in October I had the urge to make glittery fall leaves for the day care.  I like making decorations that I can use from year to year.  I found a simple, multi leaf template on yahoo images, printed them on card stock and later cut them out.  But that's as far as it went for a couple of weeks.  I even put them away in my office.  But yesterday the crafty bone crept up on me and I pulled the cut outs back out.  I got out a cereal box that was almost gone, traced the patterns and cut them out while the kids were playing in the yard.  Then during naptime I painted the leaves different colors and mixed glitter and glue and made them sparkle.  I only made the one batch but already wish I had more.  I also only put one coat of craft paint on each side of the leaves because frankly my paints are starting to run low.  And I didn't make any orange ones because my orange paint is nim-to-none.  But the orange ones are not out of my mind completely because I do have orange glitter.  Maybe I can yellow down some red paint later.  Check them out!

I think they almost look real, don't you?  


Isn't this the cutest thing?  He woke up early from naptime and I bargained that if he would be quiet and let the others finish their naps than I would let him watch the diggers at the dirt pile. 
He didn't make a peep.  Just sipped from his cup and enjoyed the show.

I am really digging these lights strung up in the kitchen.  Especially when I get here and it's still dark.  They illuminate the whole room micely.
And before you think "it's too late to make fall leaves" think again!  You can have these out plum through November!

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