Friday, October 9, 2015

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You know... half of the reason why I do this blog thing of mine is so I can look back or refer back to anything... just about.  I look up old recipes that I posted, memories, books... all kinds of stuff.  It's like my little journal that I share with anyone who cares... and me!
Hair Perfume??? What??? I need to do this and have everything at home already.  My favorite scent in essential oils is DeTerra's Lemongrass.  I could handle that in my hair all day son!
Found on FreePeople
What has been the biggest sacrifice you’ve made in starting your business? Traveling. We really can’t, and I’m not sure when this will happen for us. We have hopes it will some day. But we had these big dreams of traveling for months and just relaxing, but thankfully, work keeps coming. And since we know the rollercoaster of work as a freelancing couple, we try to take every opportunity that works for our family.
 View the entire interview HERE or click the pic above.
This statement from an interview with LaTonya Yvette says it all when you are a couple in business for yourselves.  There's no one to cover for you when you want to go on vacation and no one really when you get sick.  Although my sister does fill in at times, I've been at work feeling less than my best many times.  But when you aren't there no money is being made.  So you sacrifice and hold out until... one day. 
I think LaTonya Yvette is such a beautiful person.  She lives in Brooklyn which is miles away and lifestyles away from around here.  I love to take an internet view of people's lives.  They seem so rosy and positive.  In addition to having her own blog I have seen her featured on many other blogs as well in posts from beauty routines to her home to her business.  Gorgeous person indeed.


And on to another blogger.  One of designer turned world traveler that my sister Mary Evelyn turned me on to recently.  Her name is Jenna Sue and she announced one day on her design blog that she and her "other" had separated and she was hitting the road.  She has visited (by herself mind you) Bangkok, Thailand, Asia, Vietnam... her stories and pictures of where she is, what she does, what she sees and experiences is amazing.  Although my pc won't let me open some of the posts on her blog.  Amazing... like M.E. sais "it makes you feel like you just don't go anywhere or do anything".  I plan on following this gal because I want to see more.

Well now... wasn't this week just full of lovely?!?!


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