Wednesday, October 14, 2015

image inspiration

I found this post that included not only an Autumn woods walk with kids but stringing found acorns.  I immediately thought of two places to go to that usually have an abundance of acorns in a couple of different sizes.  If the deer haven't eaten them or the red squirrels haven't snatched them already.  We can totally walk there in a good fifteen minutes and gather up what we need.  The drilling holes part would be more up to me and the older kids.  I will have to hit up Shaun for his tiniest drill bit because I know for sure I broke mine.  They're so delicate.  I love these!!!  Oh and the one picture in her home that shows antlers, feathers and books OH MY!  I love to see her son with the hatchet.  Makes me want to turn the boys here loose with one but scares me too.  They would love it.
Found on or click the pic for a direct link to the post.
Totally sold with the glitter... who doesn't know that about me?
A tip from her blog post....
(*A note about acorn crafting. I prefer to bake the acorns for an hour at 180 in the oven, to kill the grubs inside, rather than having them fall out as the acorns age. And we use a small drill bit to make holes in them, easy for stringing.)
Why oh why have I never done this or even thought of it??? When on walks or in the playground the kids and I spot mushrooms.  I seldom know what they are.  I generally advise the kids not to touch them and just leave them alone.  I'm funny about what they do with nature... even when they catch things that are alive I am adamant about them not harming them.  This post is from the same blog .  I have already looked up her books and have them coming from the library.  But this shows her with her children and a mushroom guide book which I know my library possesses.  The kids and I are for sure doing this.  We will go for a walk and learn by collecting mushrooms and trying to identify them using a guide.  How much fun!!! I mean seriously... look at that purple one they found!
And I want to... have to... do this at the day care next year.  A pumpkin/gourd tunnel.  Even a small one... no a walk through one, where the fruits of your labor idly hang down in the center underneath for easy picking.  Bonus! You can mow underneath it... I think.  I would love one.
Yep... same blog I love finding a new to me blog and staying on it the entire naptime at the day care.  One that is filled with inspiration that fills my head with ideas of all sorts.
I must stop the madness of sharing this wonderful blog with you and all of the Image Inspiration.  Go see for yourself.  Her photography is wonderful and her life seems precious and nurturing. 

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