Monday, October 26, 2015

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 Ok let's just get to the good stuff right up front.  I shared a blog with you last week called SouleMama and she has stunned me again.  Yes... since then.  I want to visit this family!  Just look what they did with fall leaves.  We are absolutely going to do this at the day care.  Our leaves aren't at their peak yet here in Tennessee so I've got time.  What I also have is bees wax and fishing line.  Pretty soon colorful fall leaves will adorn our day care and my home!  I can't wait!
Click the pictures for a direct link to her post.

I cannot imagine a room in my home actually looking like the this picture.  I enjoy looking but wow the difference in taste!  What I do love about the details, besides everything, is the simple horse planter sitting in the center of the table... nothing else.  How vivid.
Red and green! At Home with Kimi Encarnacion
Found on abeautifulmess via THIS post.
And THIS is an example of me, on a blog, just blogging along, and then seeing a book, with a book review, then jumping over to my library's website and getting on a wait list because it's brand new and still on order.  But hey... I'm number 17.  It's my process.  There's just something about books.
Styled by Emily Henderson, Book Review | The Jungalow
Image found on by Justina Blakeny

These next two inspiring images were actually from the same blog post found on freepeople entitled 20 Minute Bedroom Refresh.  I really enjoyed the post with quick ways to fluff up your sleep space.  The second image had me jumping to my library's website again for the Gypsy book.  The top image has me thinking of a large and warm new cover for our bed... and getting Shaun an electric blanket for his birthday.  I feel we would need one for only his side.  I like warmth but I get hot at night.


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