Wednesday, October 7, 2015

it's the little things

Wow.. I tell ya.  Things you never knew you never knew.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in a "loving right now" post how much I am enjoying a particular brand of tea that I had found after the Dollar Tree moved out of our town and then stopped selling the black pekoe and orange pekoe tea that I like at other locations.  The new tea I found is called Red Rose Tea with the same black and orange pekoe tea bags.  I first enjoyed it as a special kind of thing just for me at the day care... after all it's the little things isn't it?  Then I bought a box to make at home and Shaun has come to enjoy it as well.  It has a certain tea body flavor that we both are enjoying as something different than our usual instant tea which I had stopped drinking a while back and Shaun recently doesn't drink as much of it as he used to.  But this kind we both like.

Speaking of little things... the tea box that I buy is 100 count and each box comes with a tiny figurine that is a part of a nautical collection of figurines that come free in the boxes of tea.  It's a nice little surprise.  Kind of like the plastic cup in the oats or the pretty pictures on the foil of Daisy sour cream or the steak knives that Don Harris service station used to give away with a full tank of gas.  But today I looked up the website of Red Rose Tea and went to the figurines section of the site.  I was amazed to find that the company has been including little figurines in boxes of tea since 1967.  There have been several different sets over the years.  Then I looked them up on ebay and they are for sale everywhere.  Who knew?!?!  It's not that I am going to go out of my way to collect these tiny things... they literally are tiny.  The ship's wheel that I have here is an inch and a half tall.  So far I have the ship's wheel, the seahorse and the treasure chest.  It's just something a little fun to find.  Like the toy in the cereal box used to be.... ok... still is!  I truly feel that there's no way that I've never seen any of these at a yard sale and completely overlooked them because who truly wants tiny things to dust?  But now that I know what they are it will be fun to keep my eye out for them for fun.

Here is the current series.  The treasure chest was the first one that I found.  I wonder what I will find next?!?!  The nautical series has been available since 2012 and the site doesn't show a stopping point for it.  So I've got plenty of tea time to see what's next!

If you are interested in seeing what other figurines they have give away over the years, CLICK HERE.
Hey.. and if you are interested in the search I did on ebay HERE it is.

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