Friday, October 2, 2015


It seems nowadays and especially since I don't have my Fridays off anymore that I don't have as much time to library.  I have been skipping yoga on Saturdays it feels like every other week.  My holds have been put back on the shelf at times.  The library is closed on Sundays and during the week I just don't have the energy or interest to drive to Goodlettsville to pick up my stuff on the two days during the week that they are open past six.  But... with the new season almost upon us, seeing that October is already here, I have a totally different interest in what to order and pick up from my favorite free supply store... the library. 

This post is about a few of the items I have ordered for the kids at the day care.  I have plans for each one of these books that will include coloring and/or crafts to go with reading aloud.  I also have a few movies with some of their favorite characters.  I have already strung Halloween lights at the day care in two rooms and we've done a fall craft or two.

Here are a few titles of what our next week has in store for us... provided I don't flake out of going to the library.  I have good intentions this week of going!

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