Thursday, October 15, 2015

Nature Mobiles

Walkin along... singin a song... Seriously, one of my kids at the day care has a song stuck in his head at two years old that he sings out loud.  "All by myself" I wish I could record him singing it and attach it here.  We took a little walk last week, went down a woodsy path, collected nature items and came back to the day care and made some "tute" hanging mobiles out of our finds.  This, in my opinion, is the easiest way to display woodsy treasures.  I totally plan on making my own when we go four wheeling because I am always picking stuff up.  Plus we will have one kid with us and by golly I'm taking some yarn for us just incase.  And probably some glitter.  You can't tell I am excited to go out of town can you?  I just turned this post completely around to our trip again.  Yay me!

Yes.. it is seriously that easy.  So grab a kid and take a hike!  Not.. grab a kid.. like any random kid.  Your own kid or maybe just yourself... kid.  Pick up things that are just laying around and make something.  I really dig mobiles right now.  Sticks and stones, leaves and pine cones... that's what mobiles are made of.  wink wink

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