Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Remember winter of 2014 when my doctor changed my entire diet trying to find possibly what was causing my horrible skin problems?  He cut out dairy, pork (yikes!), sugar, blah blah... all kinds of stuff.  One of the things he had me cut out was processed sandwich meats.  They are full of crap and preservatives and although I have veered back into eating a lot of things that he cut out I haven't touched sandwich meat since then.  Until now.  I did stick with the vegetarian diet for months.. though most of the time I am a quitter... sometimes.  So, with our recent trip to the mountains with our four wheelin buddies I decided to bite the bullion.  You see, when we are on the trails, some of them miles long, there ain't no restaurants and there ain't much going back to the cabin just to eat lunch.  So we all pack coolers and satchels with chips, snacks, drinks and sandwich stuff.  I decided that if I was going to eat sandwiches on the road then it was going to be something I really liked.  When I was grocery shopping before our trip I headed to the deli and got a few of my favorite things sliced and bagged up for packing.  And now.... well... now I'm addicted!  We had sandwich meat left from the trip and I've been doggin down on it all week for lunch.  I even made Shaun a sandwich two days this week for lunch when he was in and out of the dirt pile hauling dirt. 

When I say "addicted" it sounds so harsh.  I think "in mouth watering love" sounds better.  Or "lip smackin buttered lust".  That just took a different turn didn't it... I think I have a problem.  Here is what my sandwich today at the day care consisted of.

That says Pastrami Brisket y'all.
Oscar Mayer Bacon  a.k.a.  my husband on the side.

Doesn't that just make your mouth water?  I just ate it and the picture alone is making me want another one.  I made this one like a loaded grilled cheese... speaking of that... I forgot the pic of the cheese.  Added.  So,  First I spread one side of each slice of bread with butter because I am a butter on the bread grilled cheese maker, not butter in the pan.  As the skillet heated up I dropped just a little butter in and when it melted I added the pastrami and cooked it for a couple of seconds on each side like making fried bologna.  I took that out and cooked the bacon, removed it and drained the grease.  Then while the skillet was still hot I threw in the buttered side down of a slice of bread and started piling on the accessories, topped with the other slice of bread.  When I was done piling it on I carefully flipped the sandwich over to brown the other side.  Oh my... talk about good!
Earlier in the week, my sandwiches consisted of this kind of Genoa salami... YUM!
And, the deli cheese which I didn't have any left of by the time we got home because the kind you get from the deli at Kroger is extremely dangerous for me to be around.  I caught myself dipping in that cooler several times just for a slice to eat by itself.  I gained a love for it when I worked in the Kroger deli a few summers ago.   Not that I ate it straight out of the case... NEVER!  I'm a little more sanitary than that.... maybe.  I was one of those deli clerks that when I handed you a sample of it you only got half and I tried it too like I'd never had it before.  Sneaky little Laurie.  That wasn't enough of a taste test for me... let's have another!!
It is so good.  Well... that's what is on my menu until I get sick of it I'm sure.  No mayo, mustard or nothing.  And by the way.. those are home grown tomatoes from the garden at the day care that are on my sandwich.  The frost got the vines so we picked pretty much what was left and not rotten.  They are finally to where they aren't rotting too bad and they have a good acidic taste like they are supposed to and it's time for them to be done.  Oh well.. maybe next year.  And don't be afraid of that bread up there.  I like a grilled cheese on white bread too but this... this is goooood.

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