Thursday, October 22, 2015

the red shoes

Sometimes I think to myself... my, my... what was I thinking?  On our four wheeling trip last weekend I chose to wear my red Converse tennis shoes to break them in.  Mind you I don't wear socks with my shoes most of the time if I can avoid it.  I can't believe my heels aren't covered in blisters.  I feel this is the fastest way to break shoes in... barefoot.  While we were riding the trails on the mountains I thought it would be cool to take pictures of where my shoes rode thinking (and hoping) I would come home with them filthy.  Sadly they didn't seem terribly dirty when the weekend was over.  Guess I'm going to have to dunk them in the creek.  Why I prefer the dirty, worn in look I don't know. 
The pictures, in one sense, are repetitive seeing the same red shoes.  But to me I know where they were in each picture.  Each step of the way.  Sometimes travelling down a hill, almost turning over on a large rock or splashing through mud.  And on a side note This is always where my feet rest in our side by side while it's moving.  I don't hang out of the vehicle by any means.  This is the closest area for my feet to go and maintain personal stability in our "half beat the snot out of you" ride.  I know to jerk them in if the ride gets too rough.

I feel this picture would have turned out clear if we hadn't been moving and bouncing around.

I reckon I could have just dipped my foot into this and that would have taken care of the clean part!

I love this one.  It was taken through what I call Kudzu Valley which is a part of the trails pretty high up that is covered in Kudzu.  If it could somehow connect over the trail it would be a pretty cool tunnel.

Well now that's a bit dirtier than the first picture.

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