Tuesday, October 20, 2015

under foot

So... we have lived in our home for almost seven years.  It took me about six years to finally put some sort of window coverings up.  Now, I feel it might be time to add a rug or two.  For some reason I have feared this.  Not some heavy fear but maybe strong hesitation.  Our home has all hardwood flooring except the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry.  Oddly enough I will put small rugs in the tiled rooms.  I am one who vacuums my wood floors.  I have one husband who works in dirt every day and one dog who doesn't wipe her feet so my floors stay pretty dirty.  I see all these beautiful rugs in pictures online and magazines and wish for them but truly don't want to pay for them.  Bigger rugs can run you a pretty bundle.  I also always wonder when you see them at yard sales, how do you clean them?  What if I get it home and it smells bad?  What if I get it home and the cat pukes on it?  Can you see why this has been a debate in my mind for so long? 
Dream with me.... if I were to bite the bullet I would want one underneath our coffee table in the living room and also one at the side of our bed that I sleep on.  I've learned to ignore that hard wood isn't kind to bare feet that have been horizontal all night as I limp to the bathroom each morning.  But in dreaming... look here...
Drink green tea, drink black tea. Drink it plain, without sugar or artificial sweetener.:
Found on pinterest here
Found on moontomoon
Balance rustic wooden doors with bright white walls and colorful accent pieces.:
Found in pinterest
Turkish rug: I love love loove this one! Wish I could get it right away, and decorate my house or walls with it!:
Found on pinterest.
Just look at this gorgeous thing from potterybarn.
P.S. There will be no bullet biting at potterybarn from this girl. 
Looks like it will be yard sale city for me.
Maybe I will just sweep the whole idea back under the rug.  Fun to dream though.
Happy Birthday NeeNee!

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