Monday, November 9, 2015

days of our day care

I love this job and being able to use my creativity on a daily basis. 
I especially like changing a bit of the scenery at the day care each month.
It amazes me how quickly the kids notice even small changes.
This November we have brought back our Thankful Tree practice for a second year.
I love the way it is going.  Plus we have a new tree this year.
I also got busy cutting up cereal boxes to make new garlands to use from year to year.
Of course they have glitter on them!  What kind of question is that???
I also used some paper feather that we colored months ago as decoration for the fourth time at least.
I think the first time was during Camp Arrowhead or thereabouts.
Here's a bit of what our day care looks like this month.
Indian corn.

Our Thankful Tree will soon be filled with colored leaves declaring the one thing we are thankful for each day.  Funny, I've gotten everything from friends and Lion King to Hello Kitty and one who was thankful that dinosaurs were real.  I made the tree from just cutting up a box and taping the separate branches to the wall and texturizing it with some markers.

Seriously, I mainly wanted to do these so I could mix different colors of glitter together for the Indian corn.

Meanwhile... we took a walk on a warm November day when two kindergarteners came to play.

I tried so hard to get the camera to focus on the walking stick but I like this picture anyway.

Looks like I caught Curious George looking at our new garland!

The kindergarteners got creative on the chalk board.

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