Wednesday, November 18, 2015

days of our day care

 As a try-to-be teacher I have to admit that I hate it when I pick up a book to read it to the kids and it is really wordy.  Too many words and not enough pictures for two to four year olds is not a good thing.  And while I hoped that one of the Thanksgiving books that I waited for would fit the bill it really didn't.  Don't get me wrong, it was a great story, I just had nothing to keep them occupied past the first page.  Oh well... the craft afterword kept us busy even if I chose not to make them sit there and listen past the first chapter. 

We got through the first part which included talk about the boat Mayflower that pilgrims came to America on.  So we decided to make boats of our own.  I admit I actually looked up this boat craft and thought it was as cute and easy as can be.  Not to mention funny.

I took our pictures and cut them out.  I love Joe's face in his.

Taped them in the boat and forgot to take pictures of the cutting out of the sails.
Pretty simple to figure out though.

 If that don't make you laugh I don't know what will!

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