Thursday, November 12, 2015

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One of my Mom's friends always asks her how her daughter (me) who lives the simple life is doing.  I really didn't feel that I lived a simple life until a recent step out of my life.  I realize that I am satisfied with simpler things and truly don't have the desire for bigger and better.  Repurposing a card board box, as seen in this post, just tickles me.  While the finer things are fantastic for some folks it is just not my style.  I do admit that I wish I made more money.  This little day care doesn't exactly make you a millionaire or even a thousandaire, but when I walk into this door on Monday morning it's like walking in to my second home.  Everything is just the way I like it.  Speaking of tickling... here are a few images that have inspired me just by looking at them. 
How simple and fun.  Of course I want to make them today but it may be fun to save this project for another month when Christmas and lights and Santa villages are upon us.  I think the kids will love them!  I can already see a few set up on my mantle underneath alpine trees.
Post image for Make Your Own Natural Whipped Bronzing Body Butter
I recently made a QVC purchase of body butter with argon oil that I am so excited about getting.  Had I not made that purchase I would be all over making this all natural body butter asap.  I am sure I will get around to it because I already have eighty percent of the ingredients so why not!

Advent Calendar
Post 6
At my Mom's growing up we always enjoying our advent calendar.  Our was made of felt and the ornaments had ting pieces of Velcro and we loved getting up in the morning an plucking the ornament of the day and placing it on the Christmas tree.  At least I did.  I was usually the first one up.  Since then I have wanted a similar advent calendar but have never purchased one.  I won't be buying this one either because they are sold out already but it does give me some inspiration on possibly making my own.  I have some drop cloth for the backing and lighter fabrics for the ornaments and goodness knows I've got buttons I could use.  I am slowly talking myself into this project.  You can see more pictures by following the link in the title.  This one is my Rachel Ashwell and I found it on her blog. Did I mention it was $329??  Good Lord! 

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