Monday, November 23, 2015

Image Inspiration

I stared at this picture for a good ninety seconds before I stopped and thought "what exactly has caught my eye?"  Then realizing I was daydreaming about the lengthy plant on the shelf.  I thought of how I could rig up a hefty, chunk of a shelf in my eating area and let one of my three vined out plants chill out and grow in there.  Although there isn't much sun I don't think this type of plant really cares.  I have one growing in a Coke bottle with water only in it that's over a year old.  I also really like the fur draped over the bench.  I thought of a brown fur blanket that might look nice draped somewhere for the winter but then thought about how much the cat would like it too and how it would turn blonde after him laying on it.  He thinks every change is in his favor.
Picture snagged from THIS post on Apartment Therapy dot com.
And also on the same post...
Exactly what is that spot in the very middle of the photo of leafy deliciousness?? Not the carpet bag, which I find semi-equally delicious, but the plant in the wooden boxes growing wild.  How does one achieve this?  OK and I super love the whole feel of the house.  You must go see the whole post.  There is a black metal shelf in one photo that I like and also the lamp stand wooden box next to it.
HERE is the post again.
I really like when cake stands are used in decorating.  I've got one on my kitchen table right now with pumpkins on it and will probably change out the pumpkins to bottle brush trees very shortly.  This one here may be a cheese stand.  It looks a bit smaller but oh so cute.  They are also good to use when there are things that you don't want touched or to get dusty. 
Found on
I've been a big fan of Find It Games ever since my old neighbor brought hers over one day.  Here I found a DIY that is brilliant for making your own.  I never even thought about it!
Found on
or click the picture above for the direct link to the tutorial.
This could be a fun game or take home gift for a baby shower!


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