Wednesday, November 4, 2015

literally on the library hold shelf

Y'all, I am going to admit that I am so excited for Thanksgiving.  I love getting together with family, eating wonderful food that you just don't get all year long, and listening to the parades on TV because I am always too busy to watch, being off work... the whole manila.  There is a warmth that comes up in my heart when I know Thanksgiving is coming soon. 
Today, I researched Thanksgiving at the library, well on the website, to get some things on order for myself and the day care.  It's funny that if you don't get items on hold soon enough you will miss them because so many others are on the wait list as well.  I always seem to be too late and it's barely November.  So I am on the wait list for several items that will hopefully find their way to me before November is over.  Luckily I have a few weeks before it gets here.  Ideally they would get there the week of Thanksgiving when we will be hot and heavy into Thanksgiving talk at the day care. 
Here's a peek at a couple of things headed my way.

In my opinion, Thanksgiving cooking and decorating wouldn't be complete without consulting Martha.  She gives me a feel good attitude about cooking and such.  I would invite her to lunch with us but she'd probably show us all up with her holiday magic!
Charlie Brown is also a staple at heart when it comes to holidays.  We have channel 2 to thank for that!  There's no telling how many are on the list for this one but eventually we will be watching it at the day care.
Turkeys, Pilgrims, and Indian Corn, the story behind Thanksgiving symbols.  I thought this sounded interesting.  I mostly just figured they were symbols because of the time of year Thanksgiving is celebrated.  We will see what she has to say.
The Thanksgiving Story I hope will shed good light on the holiday itself.  I know what we were all taught in school but a part of me can't help but feel sorry for the Indians.  I am sure there were a few who threw up their hands surrendering to the newcomers and breaking bread but not all, as we are led to believe, were a part of the first meal. 
 I plan to pass on the normal Thanksgiving story to the kids here. 
A Catered Thanksgiving, because my mind will need a Thanksgiving-related murder mystery that includes recipes.  Who's doesn't??

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