Friday, November 6, 2015

lovin right now

Maybe I do my series "lovin right now" a little too often.... who cares?!?!
There's always something new to me that I get stuck on or think... what a great story or invention! 
Here's where I share it with you... my loyal, faithful and  loving readers... whoever you are.
Here is what I am lovin right now.
Adjustable elastic in kid jeans.  Whoever though of this was a  damn genius.  My only question... can you get it in adult jeans too?  I hate a pair of jeans that fit everywhere else but the waist and the waist band sticks out in the back.  Adjustable elastic would solve this!
Honey roasted peanuts.  When we were in Windrock, our buddy Stevie kept graciously sharing his nuts with everybody.  It was a  big joke all weekend if you got the pun.  Since then I can't get enough of the honey roast ed variety because someone left a box of snack packs at the cabin when I was packing up everything that was left, being the last ones to leave.  Thanks though!! 
Oh such a healthy snack we have here!  As if the peanuts are just fantastic for you!  When my family would go on vacations growing up, Mom would always break out the Sociables and squeeze cheese... probably to keep us quiet and vacations were the only time we had them.  Well Mom... have you ever tried Chicken in a Biskit crackers?  They're pretty good!
Let me tell ya!  Shaun got me one of these Yeti travel mugs for my birthday and I tell you I use the thing all the time!  I even put my initials on it.  I like that it keeps my coffee hot a lot longer in the mornings than my usual cups but I especially like it for my ice water.  Ice will keep all day in this bad boy.!
I am LOVIN this book!  I originally rented it from the library and wound up buying it from because I found myself really wanting to underline and write thoughts in the margins.  So I got my own copy and feel like a student or something making notes and re-reading stories.  The book is by a psychoanalyst and each section, only being a few pages long, describes what a particular patient was going through and his analysis in so many words.  It is extremely interesting to me and has brought me to really think about mental stuff from a different point of view.
Oh and this little bit saying my name over and over and over and over.  Sometimes I wonder just how many times a day these kids say my name.  Gives Mamas a break from hearing Mama over and over and over I reckon.  Still...  so precious because one day she won't do this anymore... over and over and over. 

I tell you what else I love... hearing that somebody loves my blog!  Or that they liked something I posted about.  Or how precious the pictures of the kids at my day care were.  Or that they made a recipe.  Or picked up a library book... which never happens... weird!!  Anyway, I love that you like what I have to talk about.  Thanks a buncho for being you and being interested!!!

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